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My Fuel Discount Program is a Fuel Discount Consortium for Independent Owner Operators & Small Fleets looking for the Big Fuel Discounts that the Larger Carriers Get. By pooling together the Total Fuel Gallons of all the Small Fleets and Owner Operators, we now look like a Big Mega Fleet to the Fuel Companies, allowing us to get the Bigger Discounts.

My Fuel Discount is a Cost Plus Program. Discounts are currently averaging between .20-.40 cents with the potential to grow as more Fuel Gallons are added to the Program.

What Makes us Different from Other Fuel Discount Programs?

  • We are strictly here to save you money on Fuel purchases. 

    • There are NO Factoring Requirements to Join

             My Fuel Discount.

  • We Offer Cash Back Promo's on Top of the great Fuel Discounts!


We Offer Fuel Discounts to

Small Fleets and Owner Operators

Working with Independent Owner Operators

Saving You Money at the Pump on every Gallon

Working with Small Fleets

  • What Does it Cost to Join?

    My Fuel Discount is Convenient, Simple and Free to Join with No Commitment and No Contracts. The My Fuel Discount Connects easily to your Comdata or EFS Fuel Card. 

  • Where is the Discount Good At?

    The My Fuel Discount works at all of Loves 500 + Locations across the United States. 

  • When will I see the Discount?

    The My Fuel Discount is Reflected on your Fuel Invoice through your Comdata or EFS Fuel Card. 

  • How will I know where the Best Discounts are?

    All Program Participates will receive Free Daily Updates of discounted fuel prices at the over 500 Loves Locations.

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Reed Sanders

"Was so easy to obtain the discount, with a few easy steps I just made the best decision for my company, saving me several hundred dollars a month. Highly recommend."

Bryan Hoadley

"I might be considered a small trucking company, but I'm able to take advantage of fuel cost savings like that of a big trucking company.  By fueling smart and using the discount program, I can keep more money in my pocket, and that's where it counts the most."

John Pennington

“Could not have been happier, no obligations, great savings, more money in my pocket.”


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