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About Us

David and Angela Richards have been in the Trucking industry for over thirty years.  As owners of a small trucking company, they are always looking for ways to compete with the “national carriers”.

Large major fleets always get better deals on equipment, tires, and fuel. They wanted to do something to help the smaller trucker in any way they could. They were able to negotiate a fuel discount program with a major fuel suppler that anyone could participate in. Approximately 100 carriers ranging in size from 1 truck to 50-60 trucks currently use the program saving $.20 to $.40 per gallon on their purchases.

In January 2020, we are starting a new marketing effort to let more people be aware of the program. It is called “My Fuel Discount”. Anyone can get the information at

“My Fuel Discount” program wants to be the program for everyone. We offer great customer service and one of the easiest programs to join.

As more and more carriers join, the program will get stronger and more competitive. We want to thank everyone who currently belongs to the program and looking forward to welcoming all newcomers in the future.



The “My Fuel Discount” team

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